MCU is the abbreviation of Mircrocontroller Unit。 MCU has 8 bits, 16 bits and 32 bits processor, and is wildly applied in industrial control, medical equipment, remote control, office equipment and household appliances, toys and embedded systems。

Through independent processors, memory, and I/O devices, the size of the system can be smaller and the cost of the device can be reduced.

From the small smart hardware as wearable product solutions chip, to the big smart manufacturing 2025 industrial control chip, MCU occupies the core position in chip market。  MCU can be used as the core control chip for simple application, and also play a necessary role as the nerve endings of a huge system。 By continuously optimizing the process and technology research, we achieve the best in system size, power consumption and product cost,  provide diverse and stable control functions for system level products, and build up the important connection between "good idea" and "good product"。

HDSC MCU business unit belongs to the Huada semiconductor Co., Ltd.  To take technological innovation as our motivation and revitalize the local brand as our own responsibility, we focus on the development of smart hardware core chips for industrial control, smart manufacturing, intelligent life, Internet of Things and other fields. Our R&D team, which launched the first ultra-low power consumption MCU in China,  will grasp the pulse of the market and rely on the group's strength to provide the high cost-effective, strong reliability and good scalable chip technology and professional service.

We attach importance to the long-term relationship with our customers and partners。 commit to the continuous innovation of products, processes and services。 Meanwhile we develop the core chip for industrial control system, the embedded basic software and key equipment solutions,  and establish the leading position in smart manufacturing and the core control chip related to the people's livelihood。

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